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Commander Chelsea Meran

Name Chelsea Meran

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 145
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description


Spouse Doctor George Nestor (Divorced)
Children Jayden Nestor (5 years)
Father Fenion Meran
Mother Felica Meran
Brother(s) Natan Meran
Sister(s) Talim Meran
Layla Meran
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chelsea is a carrying person, with a passion for people. In sickbay Chelsea is at her best. But even at home she has the medical kit at close hand.

She can sometimes be a little overprotected or sensitive. Overall she is friendly and open. She is a great listener.
Strengths & Weaknesses Chelsea is able to use empathy and telepathy. She is open and friendly. She is very polite.

Her weaknesses are that she can be too polite and can come over a little submissive. She is not so strong to resist her empathy just as well as her sister Talim, she can sometimes get a little overcome by what she goes trough.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Chelsea is born the second daughter as well as the second child in the family with empathic and telepathic abilities. With Talim they are the only two in the family with this ability. Even her parents didn't have it.
A good friend of the family had to train Talim and Chelsea when they were younger. Of the entire family, Chelsea felt she was the one that was the least understood. Talim was really favorite to her family. They acted really cold when Chelsea announced she was following Talim in joining the academy.

When Chelsea visits the family, she always hears the achievements Talim made, no one spoke of her achievements. She always tried to proof to her family she was doing great things as well.

When Chelsea was 17, she signed up for a medical academy on earth. She majored Psychiatry. When she got her medical degree, she studied on in Psychiatry. Halfway her course she transferred to the academy at the age of 23. When she was 27 she graduated the academy and also got her Psychiatry degree.

For a while she worked on the earth base as Counselor. A year later she transferred to the USS Washington. Here she served as assistant chief Medical. One year she served there and climbed up to the rank of Lieutenant and was transferred to Starbase Pegasus where she served as Chief Counselor, and later got a second position as Assistant Chief Medical.

One year later she joined Starbase Archangel where she got promoted to Lieutenant Commander and served there as Chief Medical Officer and Chief Counsellor. She got the promotion, because the previoous chief Medical officer disappeared during an away mission, and because of her medical background before becoming a psychiatrist.

When she served a year on the Archangel she got married to a civilian doctor, Doctor George Nestor and had a child with him. She named him Jayden. During their marriage, they lived on earth, where Doctor Nestor worked for a hospital on earth. During her time on Earth, Chelsea really wanted to get back in to service. She wanted to feel useful.

Chelsea and George Nestor Divorced when George found Jayden to hard to handle and Chelsea wanted to return to starfleet. Chelsea moved to Starbase Hope, under the command of her sister VADM Talim Meran. She worked there as head Psychiatrist. During her service there, Chelsea dated some while with Admiral Sam Grumble. They later broke up when Admiral Grumble was instated on earth.
Admiral Grumble had her transferred back and forth several times to support several ships in the fleet. He always thought she could easily command her own ship one day. Chelsea didn't inspire to command a ship that much. She still hope she would one day head a medical facility. An somehow she didn't care where.

Unable to stay in the shadows of her sister forever, she applied for a reassignment. She felt she was being held back by her sister an she thought she was capable for so much more.

Service Record Earth Medical Academy~Psychiatry MD
Starfleet Academy~Psychiatry MD/Counselling
Earth base~Counsellor (Ensign)
USS Washington~Assistent CMO (Lieutenant JG)
Starbase Pegasus~Chief Counsellor/Asst. CMO (Lieutenant)
Starbase Archangel~Chief Counsellor/CMO (Lieutenant Commander)
Earth~No steady position
Starbase Hope~Chief Psychiatrist (Lieutenant Commander)
Starbase Hope~Command support several assignments (Lieutenant-commander)